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Power Rangers Zord Builder

Power Rangers Zord Builder let kids of all ages develop their own Zord on an iPad. What's a Zord? Not really sure, but this app was fun to write. The 3D spherical menu was fun, if not useful by adults. But kids got it just fine!

StubHub Commemorative Ticket

The StubHub Commemorative Ticket Experience allows guests at Staples Center, StubHub Center and now Wells Fargo Center, to create customized full-color commemorative keepsake tickets with their own photo booth photos. The brand activation is the most popular one ever at Staples Center, and has had more than 45,000 fans through to date.

Fans first take a series of four photo booth pics though our custom iOS app. They then chose from up to six customized backgrounds to create a commemorative ticket with their very own headshot. Tickets are printed on a full-color photo printed and emailed to each guest.

Tech Specs

StubHub Commemorative ticket has a lot of moving parts:

  • A tri-mode iOS 8 app: Photo Booth, Ticket Configuration, Combo. The app synchronizes with a back-end Content Management System.
  • An in-activation Node.js server application running on OS X that handles photo storage, printing and queuing.
  • A cloud-hosted Content Management System running on Red Hat Linux that handles event scheduling, ticket backgrounds, email design and fulfillment, and stats. The CMS is based on Drupal using custom PHP modules.

All software was written by AppDelegates.

Nissan Poker

Project Type:Mobile App and Desktop/Web App
Brand Client:Nissan
Client:Helios Interactive
Release Date:Fall 2014
Keywords:iOS, Mobile, AR, Vuforia

Nissan Poker is a unique brand experience where car show attendees use an iPad app to hunt for poker chips affixed to a vehicle. As each chip is recognized by the app, a new card is dealt and product information is displayed to the guest. Once all 7 chips have been scanned, the best hand is sent to a local server which ranks the hands and displays the top 10 on a large touch-screen leaderboard. At the end of the day, the Brand Ambassadors run a final hand to determine the day's winner.


The iOS app was written using Objective-C in Xcode 6. A heavily modified Vuforia Augmented Reality was used for image recognition. The app is also network failure tolerant; if the link to the server is lost, hands are saved in a Core Data database for upload once the link is restored.

The server is written in NodeJS running on a Windows 8 PC. The leaderboard and final table apps are written in Angular Javascript.

A custom poker hand evaluation algorithm was written by Jasper Kahn for this app as we couldn't find an existing algorithm that did the incremental analysis we needed. Originally written in Objective-C, the algorithm was then ported to Javascript for the final table game.

AT&T Beats

Project Type:Event/Mobile App with Cloud CMS. iOS, Android, Mobile HTML5
Brand Client:AT&T, Samsung
Client:Helios Interactive
Agency:EPIC Marketing
Release Date:August 2013
Keywords:Android, Mobile, Event Marketing

AT&T Beats was an insanely fun project for us to work on with our partners Helios Interactive. Helios came up with the idea to network together 15 of Samsung's flagship Android phones and a Samsung Android tablet to create a virtual beatbox.

Each phone represented a musical instrument or sound effect. On the left turntable were one-shot effects like record scratching. On the right were samples from popular song tracks of the summer (Imagine Dragon's Radioactive, We Are Young by Fun., etc.) In the middle were loops for percussion, guitar and bass. The guest walked through a short tutorial, then made their own mix. A copy of the MP3 they created was emailed to them through our ActivationStation back-end system.

AT&T Beats debuted at the Outside Land festival in San Francisco in August 2013, then went on tour. A variant of AT&T Beats that mixed university fight songs, was used at several NCAA games in the fall of 2013.


The phones were networked together using a custom, fault-tolerant UDP protocol developed for our Speed of Light project (see the blog post on the Tachyon UDP Project). The Android tablet acted as a network master, learning the IP addresses of all handsets automagically and delivering them the screen and audio assets they needed. The Android tablet was also tolerant of sparse internet connectivity and would cache all activation uploads until a solid connection was discovered.

Mixdown was done in realtime using 16-bit PCM samples that were "beat aligned" with the BPM of the percussion tracks.

Gameday PURRSuit

Project Type:Mobile App with Cloud CMS. iOS, Android, Mobile HTML5
Brand Client:AT&T and Carolina Panthers
Client:Helios Interactive
Agency:EPIC Marketing
Release Date:Fall 2012
Keywords:iOS, Android, Drupal, Mobile, AR, Aurasma

Gameday PURRSuit was an augmented reality scavenger hunt app running at all Carolina Panthers home games at Bank of America Stadium during the 2012-2013 season. Developed for AT&T, Gameday PURRSuit made use of our Xplorious Geosocial gaming engine to provide a unique fan experience during the game.

In addition to the Android and iOS Apps, we developed a mobile HTML 5 microsite so fans without either device could still play.

Xplorious / Mallquest

Project Type:iOS and CMS
Client:Dick's Last Resort
Release Date:Early 2012
Keywords:Mobile, Xplorious

Mallquest is a scavenger hunt app currently being beta tested by DIck's Last Resort restaurant at the Mall of America. Mallquest uses our alpha-version Xplorious geolocation gaming system to provide a fun outing for DLR's patrons as the run around the Mall of America solving clues, performing challenges and photographing it all!

GQ Live!

Project Type:Mobile App
Client:Condé Nast Digital
Release Date:2012
Keywords:Mobile, Aurasma, Augmented Reality

GQ Live was developed for GQ Magazine / Conde Nast publishing. Making use of the Aurasma AR kernel, GQ Live! brings upcoming issues of GQ Magazine to life with full video supplemental content. Users simply point their smartphone at AR enabled advertisements or editorial pages, and video appears. Try it out with the September 2012 issue where almost every advertiser makes use of this revolutionary technology.

Kellogg's Amazing Spider-Man

Project Type:Mobile App: iOS, Android, Mobile HTML5
Brand Client:Kellogg's
Client:Helios Interactive
Agency:Catapult Marketing
Release Date:June 2012
Keywords:iOS, Android, Drupal, AR, Aurasma

This iOS and Android app was developed for Helios Interactive as a part Kellogg's Amazing Spider-Man movie promotion. Millions of Kellogg's and Keebler products hit the shelves with trigger images that the app would scan and then playback exclusive content from the Amazing Spider-Man movie released in the summer of 2012. The app has been downloaded nearly 500,000 times as of August 2012. In addition, the app provides HD trailer playback, Facebook status updates and special offer redemption. The Amazing Spider-Man Exclusive app makes use of the awesome Aurasma Augmented Reality Engine from HP.