Nissan Poker

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Project Type:Mobile App and Desktop/Web App
Brand Client:Nissan
Client:Helios Interactive
Release Date:Fall 2014
Keywords:iOS, Mobile, AR, Vuforia

Nissan Poker is a unique brand experience where car show attendees use an iPad app to hunt for poker chips affixed to a vehicle. As each chip is recognized by the app, a new card is dealt and product information is displayed to the guest. Once all 7 chips have been scanned, the best hand is sent to a local server which ranks the hands and displays the top 10 on a large touch-screen leaderboard. At the end of the day, the Brand Ambassadors run a final hand to determine the day's winner.


The iOS app was written using Objective-C in Xcode 6. A heavily modified Vuforia Augmented Reality was used for image recognition. The app is also network failure tolerant; if the link to the server is lost, hands are saved in a Core Data database for upload once the link is restored.

The server is written in NodeJS running on a Windows 8 PC. The leaderboard and final table apps are written in Angular Javascript.

A custom poker hand evaluation algorithm was written by Jasper Kahn for this app as we couldn't find an existing algorithm that did the incremental analysis we needed. Originally written in Objective-C, the algorithm was then ported to Javascript for the final table game.