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We love the boring bits of Interactive Event Marketing. You know, the networking, the registration, the queueing, the email delivery, the social media plug-ins, the databases, the metrics. The stuff that usually comes last in your development cycle, but that will cause the client to completely lose it if it doesn't work. The stuff you gotta do every time, but just a little different for each client.

Wouldn't your life be great as an Interactive Activation developer if someone could just do that bit for you? You know, hand you the guest's info when you need it, then take the fancy multi-media output of your activation (image, video, audio) and then package it up, and ship it out. Maybe not bug you if that pesky internet isn't working right? Maybe take care of those irritating Brand Ambassador registration apps? We thought so too, that's why we've built Activ8or. Activ8or is based on our original ShareStation product but has been updated to use the latest web security technologies

And best of all? It's MIT License open source!

You're developing entire interactive worlds in your Brand Activation. You don't have time to read the latest Facebook API changes (that came out this morning). You don't want to be writing SQL queries and developing content management systems. Fancy a little multipart HTTP POST or three legged O-Auth after all that 3D development? Nah, we didn't think you'd want to do that, so we're doing it for you.

Stayed tuned for the release of Activ8or in Q2 2015. Head over to for more info.