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Mitch Kahn


Mitch is one of the founders of AppDelegates and has more than 25 years technology development and marketing experience. He is responsible for business development and marketing as well as software development.

Mitch spends his spare time writing even more code, usually with glass of wine in his hand.

Scott Matheson


Scott developed his first application over 20 years ago for IBM's PC Company. Since then he's held both technical and non-technical positions leading development and delivery of complex systems and systems' software. Prior to co-founding AppDelegates he was the lead architect for several digital signage systems.

Jasper Kahn


Jas is fluent in Android, iOS and Javascript. His work at AppDelegates has included Commemorative Ticket (iOS), AT&T Speed of Light (Android), AT&T Beats (Android), Google Fridge (Android) and Nissan Poker (iOS, Vuforia, Javascript).

Outside of AppD Jasper is contributing to a revolutionary software development teaching system being developed at Cal Poly.

Ethan Adams


Ethan is a front- and back-end web developer at AppDelegates grinding out miles of AngularJS and NodeJS code primarily for Activ8or. His prior experience includes web-development for small startups, to large-scale C++ development.

Ethan is also the second proud New Jersey native on the team, which makes for a long commute to Cal Poly SLO.