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History Nuggets

AppDelegates LLC was founded by Mitch Kahn and Scott Matheson in 2010. This is Mitch and Scott's third venture together, the first being Silicon Access Networks - a network processor company, the second being Wallflower Systems- a digital signage company. Scott and Mitch are both electrical engineers by training and bring a deep systems and architecture understanding to their projects.

Our first mobile apps were for the iOS4 and BlackBerry 6 (!) platforms. Our first commercial BlackBerry app landed us a spot at the annual BlackBerry World Developer's conference in 2010. It was also our last BlackBerry app.

We moved from pure mobile development into PC, web, and back-end system development in 2011 when it became obvious that in order to service our customers, we had to know how to do everything from the cloud to the handset.

Stuff We Know

  • iOS Development using both Objective-C and Swift
  • Android Development using both Java and the Native Development Kit
  • Portable Mobile Development using PhoneGap/Cordova and our own AngularJS-based frameworks.
  • Content Management Systems using Drupal and our own NodeJS based microservers.
  • Web Development using primarily AngularJS
  • PC/Mac Development using primarily Node Webkit+AngularJS
  • Fault tolerant networking for event applications. You know, like when you expect a solid network at the event and don't get one.
  • Structured and Schema-less database technology including MySQL, MongoDB, NeDB and more.
  • Languages: Whatever we need to get the job done and that includes - C/C++, Objective-C, Swift, Java, Javascript, PHP, Python (ick!), bash, that weird shell Windows has, English.