• Custom Mobile Development

    50 apps and counting
    For major international brands
    Industry award winning
  • We've got you covered

    Augmented reality
    Geolocation services
    Cloud hosted content
    3D and OpenGL
    Social Media
    Marketing response systems
  • Touchscreen, Tablet, Smartphone, Cloud
    End to end development
  • Activ8or
    [ coming 2Q2015 ]
    Your end-to-end event marketing back-end SaaS solution
    Event registration, activation queuing, event signage, response emails and social sharing and stats.
    We handle the boring bits so your creativity can run wild
    Open Source too!
  • Backend and Web Development

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About Us

With over 50 apps under our belt, AppDelegates is one of the most experienced app developers you'll find. We adhere to Agile development principles, but with a dash of old-fashioned process to make sure there are no surprises.
Let's face it, back-end systems for Event Marketing aren't the sexiest thing in the world, but they are critical to the success of every advanced activation. Our elevator pitch? "We take out the bits, so you don't have to."
If you're looking for a back-end system that takes care of everything from registration, to queuing, to post activation outreach and social, check out ActivationStation.
While mobile tends to steal the mindshare show, there are still times when a desktop or web app is the thing you need. We're experts at marrying cutting edge web technologies like AngularJS, NodeJS and Node Webkit to build responsive, portable apps for digital signage, interactive touch screens and more.
Since awesome, curated content is the backbone of any great experience, AppDelegates are pros at merging mobile, web and desktop apps with rich cloud-hosted content management systems. Check out our work in the Drupal gallery.